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we all are gypsies of a sort wandering traveling through this life other lives space and time here there and yon on roads less traveled - following the path of the sun and the trail of the stars to worlds known and unknown from yesterday and today into tomorrow -

this is a written and visual journal of my own travels - imagined and/or real -
imagined and/or real - a STREAMOFCONSCIOUSNESS telling of my own personal thoughts feelings experiences - interspersed with words and images of others - with things defined by most as PARAnormal which - for me - all my life - have been PERFECTLYnormal -

SO come along with me and we'll dance among the stars under the sun and over the moon - we'll share our stories around the campfire - together -


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

crop circles of the devil...

The earliest recorded image resembling a crop circle is depicted in an English woodcut pamphlet published in 1678 called "Mowing-Devil".

The image depicts a demon with a scythe mowing an oval design in a field of oats. The pamphlet's text reads as follows:

Being a True Relation of a Farmer, who Bargaining with a Poor Mower, about the Cutting down Three Half Acres of Oats, upon the Mower's asking too much, the Farmer swore "That the Devil should Mow it, rather than He."Oats shew'd as if it had been all of a Flame, but next Morning appear'd so neatly Mow'd by the Devil, or some Infernal Spirit, that no Mortal Man was able to do the like. Also, How the said Oats ly now in the Field, and the Owner has not Power to fetch them away. And so it fell out, that that very Night, the Crop of

A more recent historical report of crop circles was published in Nature, volume 22, pp. 290–291, 29 July 1880, and republished in the January 2000 issue of the Journal of Meteorology.

It describes the 1880 investigations by amateur scientist John Rand Capron:

"The storms about this part of Western Surrey have been lately local and violent, and the effects produced in some instances curious. Visiting a neighbour's farm on Wednesday evening (21st), we found a field of standing wheat considerably knocked about, not as an entirety, but in patches forming, as viewed from a distance, circular spots....I could not trace locally any circumstances accounting for the peculiar forms of the patches in the field, nor indicating whether it was wind or rain, or both combined, which had caused them, beyond the general evidence everywhere of heavy rainfall. They were suggestive to me of some cyclonic wind action,..."

There are also many other anecdotal accounts of crop circles ufology literature that predate the modern crop circle phenomena, though some cases involve crops which were cut or burned, rather than flattened.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Fascinating! Early crop circles.Someone has been talking 2 us all along!

Crop Circles and 2012? said...

Talking in circles seems to have been done away with. Now they are using absolutely phenomenal graphics and precise geometry. Perhaps their message is now not only profound but a emphasized attempt at delivering a warning. Are you paying attention?


macgregors - yes, isn't it - when i found this tidbit i realized i'd not really read/heard much, if anything at all, about earlier circles - but there it is - so intriguing, exciting! thanks so much for coming by!!!


crop circles, thanks so much for visiting and leaving a note - about their message, i'll have to check out your place - thanks again for coming by -

Nancy said...

These things have always fascinated me, and now we know they have been doing that for a long time.


hey nancy - i see you're up in the middle of the night, as well - it's almost 3am now - can't sleep - gee, what's up with the planets on that? - anyway, thanks so much for comment - i'm so fascinated with crop circles - would love to see some up close and personal!