the gypsies' journey...

we all are gypsies of a sort wandering traveling through this life other lives space and time here there and yon on roads less traveled - following the path of the sun and the trail of the stars to worlds known and unknown from yesterday and today into tomorrow -

this is a written and visual journal of my own travels - imagined and/or real -
imagined and/or real - a STREAMOFCONSCIOUSNESS telling of my own personal thoughts feelings experiences - interspersed with words and images of others - with things defined by most as PARAnormal which - for me - all my life - have been PERFECTLYnormal -

SO come along with me and we'll dance among the stars under the sun and over the moon - we'll share our stories around the campfire - together -


My photo
A...WOMAN IN MOTION WITH HAIR AS DARK AS NIGHT HER EYES WERE LIKE THAT OF A CAT IN THE DARK... SHE WAS A GYPSYWOMAN... she danced round and round... from the fire her face was all aglow... she was dancing... dancing... waiting for the RISING SUN... loving caring relationships are like THE RISING SUN...we are nourished by their warmth...we are energized by their strength...we grow in their light...we find shelter and solace there...they are our sanctuary... born in the sign of the sun, i am a true LEO-love the sun and its hot orange red fire-passionate in and about everything i do-i believe in instant chemistry charisma love/lust at first sight-in the magic of the eyes and the beauty of the soul-in the instant recognition familiarity in meeting someone from a past life and in the knowledge that we might meet in a future life-i believe that we are each ageless and flawless-i believe in the beauty of the moment-the whisper of yesterday-the hope of tomorrow-the power of forgiveness for even ourselves-the absolute and total beauty of love---[credit to brian hyland and curtis mayfield]

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we see...


Thursday, July 23, 2009


JUST FYI - i'll be in and out, more out, probably, than in the next week, beginning today - daughter and her clan coming up from louisiana for a week's visit - should be here tomorrow - but i'll be checking things whenever possible - don't want to miss A SINGLE POST - peace - jenean

that inner/outer glow...for real...

we've all known people who seemed ALL AGLOW - we've even felt it ourselves - ALL AGLOW - and, i, for one, have known all my life that my body's metabolism "shuts off" just like a "light switch" at about 2:00 pm every day - and now, scientists confirm all this:

Past research has shown that the body emits visible light, 1,000 times less intense than the levels to which our naked eyes are sensitive. In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak light, which is thought to be a byproduct of biochemical reactions involving free radicals.

(This visible light differs from the infrared radiation - an invisible form of light - that comes from body heat.)

To learn more about this faint visible light, scientists in Japan employed extraordinarily sensitive cameras capable of detecting single photons. Five healthy male volunteers in their 20s were placed bare-chested in front of the cameras in complete darkness in light-tight rooms for 20 minutes every three hours from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. for three days.

The researchers found the body glow rose and fell over the day, with its lowest point at 10 a.m. and its peak at 4 p.m., dropping gradually after that. These findings suggest there is light emission linked to our body clocks, most likely due to how our metabolic rhythms fluctuate over the course of the day.

Faces glowed more than the rest of the body. This might be because faces are more tanned than the rest of the body, since they get more exposure to sunlight - the pigment behind skin color, melanin, has fluorescent components that could enhance the body's miniscule light production.

Since this faint light is linked with the body's metabolism, this finding suggests cameras that can spot the weak emissions could help spot medical conditions, said researcher Hitoshi Okamura, a circadian biologist at Kyoto University in Japan.

"If you can see the glimmer from the body's surface, you could see the whole body condition," said researcher Masaki Kobayashi, a biomedical photonics specialist at the Tohoku Institute of Technology in Sendai, Japan.

The scientists detailed their findings online July 16 in the journal PLoS ONE.

Charles Q. Choi
Special to LiveScience charles Q. Choi
special To Livescience
Wed Jul 22, 10:32 am ET

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michaelangelo...kitty clairvoyance?

recently i posted something about several experiences i'd had with deer a year or so ago - during a time when i was searching for answers and asking for signs - and the deer came to me - which reminded me of my little kitten named michaelangelo - michaelangelo was a beautiful long-haired baby when he came to live with me and my children many moons ago - he had that kind of gruffy funky long hair of many colors but was mostly dark gray with shades of this and that throughout - he looked a lot like a maine coon cat - absolutely gorgeous - in any event, he was a tiny thing when he first came home to us - but from the beginning, very bright and so so loving - this was back in the days when my kids were all home and i was in college trying to make my way through -

we lived in a little apartment right off campus - beside the front door there was a large picture window with draperies - the window was so close to the door that the drapes actually at times would almost touch the door knob - in any event, michaelangelo was doted on as the "youngest child" by all of us - and he returned the love to us - my daily schedule was never the same - i mean, i went to school full time, i worked two jobs, did my kids to and from school and their activities, etc, so there was little regularity - at home, my parking place was right at the front door of the apartment - you know the kind, you step out of your car, go 5 paces and you're inside your apartment -

well, little michaelangelo, in a very short time, figured out exactly when i was making my way home each day - and about the time i was pulling into the complex property, he would bounce over to the front window, claw his way up the thick drapes, hang onto the drapes and swing himself onto the window ledge by the front door and sit looking out the window for me - when he saw my car pull up, he would reach out and put his little paw on the door knob -

my kids were totally beside themselves - the oldest was a teenager and the youngest about five years old - they loved to watch him do it and never tired of telling this story - we never knew just "how" michaelangelo knew when i was coming, but he did - it was just part of who he was -

- the photo is not michaelangelo, but close... -

the pair of pumpkin pics...

yesterday, about 7:00 pm, a new blogger friend began following another of my blogs - the bottom pumpkin icon above is her signature photo - this morning, about 9:30 am, from dallas via cell phone, i received the other photo of the large pumpkin from my son's garden - now, i cannot tell you the last time i received a photo of a pumpkin - probably never - nor do i remember having seen the pumpkin as a blogger icon - that is, until now!

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help keep the pressure on those making the decisions about YOUR life: see the link below:

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go out and be born...

be born anywhere
little embyro novelist
but do not be born under
the shadow of a great creed
not under the burden of original sin
not under the doom of salvation -
go out
be born



“I don’t sing
because I am happy,
I am happy
because I sing.”

-William James

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

la manière

the opening...

just a little light trivia of sorts - a while ago, i posted several items on famous quotes about reincarnation - one of which is from "jack london" - just now, i decided to read a new little book that came in the mail at about the time of my post - i picked up the book and opened it to a page quoting JACK LONDON - and the quote on that page is the one that i had planned to post on my "words unspoken" blog today -

the illusion...

"Life on Earth is but a fleeting illusion
edged between lives past and future
beyond physical mortal reality."
"You go on being reincarnated until
you reach the actual Truth.
Heaven and Hell are just a state of mind.
We are all here to become Christ-like.
The actual world is an illusion...
...the living thing that goes on,
always has been, always will be.
I am not really George,
but I happen to be in this body."

epitath of ben franklin...

The Body of B. Franklin Printer,
Like the Cover of an Old Book,
Its Contents Torn Out
And Stripped of its Lettering and Gilding,
Lies Here Food for Worms,
But the Work shall not be Lost,
For it Will as He Believed
Appear Once More
In a New and more Elegant Edition
Revised and Corrected
By the Author
[written at the age of 22 -
but never used]

i have been here...before...

"I know I am deathless…We have thus far exhausted trillions of winters and summers, There are trillions ahead, and trillions ahead of them."
- Walt Whitman

"I am certain that
I have been here as I am now
a thousand times before,
and I hope to return
a thousand times."
- Goethe

incalculable times again shall i be born...

"I did not begin when I was born,
nor when I was conceived.
I have been growing, developing,
through incalculable myriads of millenniums.
All my previous selves
have their voices, echoes, promptings in me.
Oh, incalculable times again
shall I be born
Jack London

previous state of existence...

"Why should we be startled by death?
Life is a constant putting off of the
mortal coil - coat, cuticle,
flesh and bones, all old clothes."

As far back as i can remember
I have unconsciously referred to
the experiences of a previous
state of existence..."
—H.D. Thoreau

"The soul comes from without into the human body, as into a temporary abode,
and it goes out of it anew it
passes into other habitations,
for the soul is immortal."

"It is the secret of the world
that all things subsist and do not die,
but only retire a little from sight and
afterwards return again.
Nothing is dead;
men feign themselves dead,
and endure mock funerals…
and there they stand looking
out of the window, sound and well,
in some strange new disguise."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, July 17, 2009

INDRA'S NET - far away in the heavenly abode of the great god Indra, there is a wonderful net...

ever since reading the july 9, 2009, post of rob and trish macgregor called, THE WAY OF THE EAST, i have had a mental astronomical image of INDRA'S NET but had not found exactly what i saw it to be - that is, until just now, when i came across this image of an ancient open star cluster thought to be more than 8 billion years old and about 13,300 light years away - the moment i saw this image, i knew it was "my Indra's Net" - and i found this little blurp below at wikipedia - but be sure to check out the macgregor's post for a very clear discussion - and enjoy!

Francis Harold Cook describes the metaphor of Indra's net from the perspective of the Huayan school in the book Hua-Yen Buddhism: The Jewel Net of Indra:
Far away in the heavenly abode of the great god Indra, there is a wonderful net which has been hung by some cunning artificer in such a manner that it stretches out infintely in all directions. In accordance with the extravagant tastes of deities, the artificer has hung a single glittering jewel in each "eye" of the net, and since the net itself is infinite in dimension, the jewels are infinite in number. There hang the jewels, glittering like stars in the first magnitude, a wonderful sight to behold. If we now arbitrarily select one of these jewels for inspection and look closely at it, we will discover that in its polished surface there are reflected all the other jewels in the net, infinite in number. Not only that, but each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel is also reflecting all the other jewels, so that there is an infinite reflecting process occurring.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

maya cosmogenesis 2012...

The Milky Way
near Cygnus showing
the lane of the Dark Rift
which the Maya called the
Xibalba be or Black Road.

yesterday my new book MAYA COSMOGENESIS 2012 - john major jenkins - came and i cannot wait to grab it and a nice cold tea, head to the canopied outdoor swing, and read in the sunshine - why don't ya'll grab your favorite book and come along - there's plenty of room and the day is beautiful!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the mind - yesterday -

today on good morning america i heard a brief spot on recent empirical studies of fetuses which indicates that the last month before birth, the unborn baby actually develops memory - in utero babies were subjected to a particular noise during its sleep - initially, the baby would awaken and stretch or move in some way in response to the noise - when nothing else happened, the baby returned to undisturbed sleep - after a period of time of being subjected to this noise, the baby apparently became accustomed to it, knew that nothing was going to happen from previous exposures, and so, continued its sleep undisturbed by the sound -

all of which begs more and more questions about so many things -

and it also reminds me of one of my daughters having told me from her earliest years that she has memories of being in her bassinet and crib - she describes the bassinet and other things - as it happens, i had no photographs of either of these things - so - from where came her memories but from herself?

were the hour not so late, i would venture more down this path of thought - but, for me, night beckons with the prospect of dreams to make - manana, then -

of dreams come.....MONSTERS...

it was in the summer of 1816 that mary shelley and her lover/future husband, percy shelley, were visiting their friend, lord byron, in switzerland during a period of particularly cold and wet weather which reduced them to the indoors for entertainment - before sleep that night, they discussed ghost stories and decided they would each write a short version of one - later, mary, in what is described as a "waking dream" developed the story of frankenstein:

I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling
beside the thing he had put together.
I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then,
on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life,
and stir with an uneasy, half vital motion.
Frightful must it be; for supremely frightful would be
the effect of any human endeavour to mock the
stupendous mechanism of the Creator of the world

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my note from the UNIVERSE today...

Do you know what it's like to stand on the heavenly diving board of time, looking down at the 10,000 lifetimes you're about to begin? Seeing everything for the first time through prisms of color and light? Feeling totally overcome with such a surge of joy for ALL that lies ahead, that it takes all of your angels just to keep you from leaping before it's your turn? Knowing that no matter what happens you will emerge wiser, richer, and deeply in love with every form of consciousness that will soon touch and expand your own?

Monday, July 13, 2009

in death - out of body - back to here

for some time i have wanted to post one of my own near death experiences from many years ago - it was the summer of 1966, i was 23 years old, and i had just given birth about six weeks prior to one of my daughters - at the time, we were living in a beautiful new cape cod home surrounded by trees, sitting up on a slight hill from the country road which ran across the front - the city was about 20 miles down a major highway - everything had been fine that day - nothing out of the ordinary with my new baby or her young siblings - or with me -

but several hours after having gone to sleep for the night, i awakened with a start - i couldn't breathe - literally - i felt as if i were suffocating - but nothing seemed amiss otherwise - no pain - no headache - nothing - i simply could not get my breath - i tried sitting up - standing up - walking - sitting down again - turning the a/c up - but nothing helped - finally, i woke my husband and said i needed to get to the hospital - now! we drove to the hospital where i was hooked up to monitors, put on oxygen, had blood taken, cardiology and neurological work-ups done - everything medically conceivable done - however, by the time we had gotten through most of the tests, i was better - my regular breathing had returned - and i felt fine -

i was released home with a follow-up appointment with my doctor for the next day to go over the tests results - the final diagnosis was that i had at least one very large gallstone which had slipped out of a duct, obstructing a breathing pathway - apparently, after i got to the hospital, the stone had moved itself enough to no longer be a problem, which is why i improved - my doctor drew an illustration of my gallbladder, the stone, the duct, etc., as he explained to me that i needed to have the stone[s] surgically removed as quickly as possible else i left myself open to a repeat experience that might not, next time, end so well - so i had him schedule surgery while i sat at his desk -

the day of surgery was uneventful - i was checked in the night before, and the morning of surgery my only concern was that i was made to take off my nail polish that i'd just put on the night before! fingers and toes! also, i could not have any make-up on - well, this was the 60's and i had my priorities, after all, surgery or not! in ANY event, i was taken to the OR in one of those horrendous patient gowns and further insulted with a paper cap on my long hair - i remember going into the OR after having been given my pre-op sedative - my two surgeons were both there - we talked for a few moments before i was put under the anesthesia - and then everything "turned off" -

the next thing i remember is the feeling of extreme pain in my stomach - i remember thinking that my surgeons had lied to me about the procedure - the way it was explained, it all seemed so neat, and precise, a little incision with a scapel - but this felt as if my stomach had literally been ripped apart by their hands and then a ball of fire put inside the open pit - i also felt extreme coldness on my right hand, the outside of my hand - but i was unable to move or to speak - then i heard someone frantically say, "she's going down, she's going down!!! i can't get her up!!!" - the surgeon on my right then said, "well, if she goes, she's not going with theses EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE rocks in her!!!" - and then the voice of dr risinger to my left giving commands to the anesthesiologist -

and then, i began to rise out of my body [from my head] and was able to "see" everyone in the room, including me, the body of me, as i continued to move upward toward the ceiling - i remember looking down at me and feeling as if the "me of me" were being pulled away like a soft glove being slipped off - that softly - i continued to watch all the activity from my place in the upper right corner of the OR, just above my body - at first, i was - well, frightened is not really the word - i knew that i was dead - or in the process of being - i mean, i could see and hear everything - i just didn't want to be dead - do you know what i mean? i didn't want to be not-alive - i was young and had just begun my life with my children - i couldn't be dying! i think "angry" best describes what i was feeling then -

i continued to have this mental dialogue with myself and became more and more aware of my new "surroundings" and "self" - and began to focus less on my body down below where the doctors were still scrambling and shouting orders etc - i began to focus more on where i was at that moment - literally - i mean, i was still ME - the ME of ME continued to exist - and i began to feel surrounded by more white softness - a white softness that became an all-encompassing totally purely unadulterated whiteness of light - but this light had a seductiveness about it - it called me - it waited for me - i belonged there - i was still aware of the silver-gray cord from me to my body below - but i was slipping further and further away from my body below and soon gave into the "leaving" - i realized then that the thing called "death" was not the end of anything - it was the BEGINNING - there was nothing to fear - there existed only total peace and caring - TOTAL peace - have you ever felt that? -

and as i freely "gave in" more, i became surrounded by voices calling my name - and i recognized these voices - they were aunts and uncles and grandparents who, i realized, had been "gone" for many years - and some of them, i had never actually met in the physical world - but in this world - in this world, i knew who they each were - each one of them - i could not see a physical presence but i could "see" and "feel" their spirits, their presences, and could hear them call my name - i knew they were there to be with me, to help me along this transition - and as the purewhitelight became brighter, and i became more and more a part of it, there was such a feeling of elation, of joy, happiness, of freedom - of PURE PURE PEACE - and i could not imagine why anyone could possibly fear this thing called "death" - if only they knew!!!

i remember wanting to go - to go all the way - and at that moment of complete total surrender to "the light", a voice said, "but who will raise your children? no one but you can do that - you must go back!" - i knew this was true - but i was angry again - i didn't want to ever leave the PEACE and BEAUTY of where i was - and then i started to hear and to see the doctors in the OR again - and myself still on the table - i was so angry at the doctors for "bringing me back" - i could FEEL mySELF being drawn back downward toward my body - i could see the cord connected to the body from ME as it became shorter and shorter -

and then i went back into my body, all the while resisting with all my might -

the next thing i remember is again having left my body, and being above the heads of the doctors around the bed upon which i had been placed from the operating table - the doctors were telling the staff to take me straight to my room and not a recovery room so that my family could come in to see me one last time - and i heard them say that they would tell my family to call in the minister - i followed my body in the bed out of the OR and down the hallway - into a private room where my family was - my in-laws had called in their own minister - they were all standing there at the door of the room watching me be wheeled down to the room - i could hear them plainly - and i was infuriated that "they" were all there making plans and arrangements for ME - i was furious - i stayed with me into the room and watched from above as they filtered inside - i remember my ex-mother-in-law sat in a chair by the door and the minister stood just inside the door - in that moment, i knew that i was coming back - it was crystal clear to me - i was coming back to my children - no one else - NO ONE - was going to raise my children but ME - and then, in THAT moment, i surrendered back to my body -

when i regained consciousness in the hospital several days later, both my surgeons came in to see me - dr risinger said, "you know, we almost lost you" - to which i responded, "you DID lose me, but i came back" - dr risinger asked me what i meant so i told them of my experiences in both the OR and in my room - they confirmed what i had seen and heard throughout my experiences - and said that while they had heard of such things, neither of them had ever had a patient tell them that they had undergone this kind of experience -

as an aside, some months later, i awoke one morning with the warmth of the sun coming through my window - i could feel its heat on my arms - and i could hear the birds chirping in the tree close by - i walked into the bathroom mirror and looked at myself and realized that i, at the age of 23, could not remember the last time i'd felt the warmth of the sun or heard birds singing - and i knew in that instant that i had to leave my unhappy marriage - i had to take me and my children away from the unhappiness and into the warm sunshine and singing birds - i turned from the mirror, went to my closet, packed one suitcase and a diaper bag and walked out of that house, never looking back -

today, those children have their own children and some of their children now have children of their own, making me a great grandmother - and what a GRAND life it is - i cannot imagine my life without my children - and the pure love they bring me -

what likes to occur...

As soon as we notice
that certain types of event
"like" to cluster together
at certain times,

we begin to understand
the attitude of the Chinese,
whose theories of medicine,
philosophy, and even building
are based on a "science" of
meaningful coincidences.
The classical Chinese texts
did not ask what causes what,
but rather
what "likes" to occur with what."
M-L von Franz


"I... believe in an everyday sort of magic -- the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of syncronicity..."
charles de lint

Sunday, July 12, 2009

change of mind - change of plans -

i have mentioned my 17 yr old grandson from louisiana who is here visiting with me for a few weeks - he is an old spirit, the one who "flies with the eagles" and is very enlightened - christopher had planned for some time to go on a youth group trip with his church at home this week but at the last minute, chose to come visit me now instead, even though his mom and siblings are driving up in a few weeks to visit - because he didn't go on the church trip, his younger brother, with whom he is very close, decided not to go also - the bus route down I-20 is the same route [westbound] that christopher will be taking on his trip back home tomorrow - christopher's return trip was also last-minute and arranged last night - we received a phone call this morning - the following is online through the associated press release:

MERIDIAN, Miss. (AP) — A bus carrying a church youth group from Louisiana to Georgia flipped Sunday on Interstate 20 in Mississippi, killing one person and injuring 27 others, a coroner said.

The bus, from First Baptist Church in Shreveport, La., rolled three times around 10:20 a.m. near Meridian and trapped at least two people underneath, Lauderdale County Coroner Clayton Cobler III said. Teenagers and adults were on board.

"It had a blowout," Cobler said.

At least two passengers were trapped underneath the bus. A group of National Guard soldiers was on the highway at the time and helped extricate the injured.

"The National Guardsmen actually picked the bus up off the two people and got them out," Cobler said.

One person died at the scene, Cobler said. One person was airlifted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, while the other 26 injured were taken to three hospitals in Meridian, the coroner added.

Cobler said injuries ranged from severe pelvic and chest injuries to scrapes and scratches.

An official at Regency Hospital of Meridian said six people were taken there and another official at Rush Foundation Hospital said 13 people were being treated there, but neither would release the conditions of the crash victims.

Church officials told The Shreveport Times newspaper that the bus was headed to a weeklong youth event near Atlanta called "Passport."

The congregation learned of the accident shortly before Sunday morning worship and used the occasion to rally together in prayer. "Our congregation is leaning on our faith and confidence in God," First Baptist senior pastor Greg Hunt said.

- my heartfelt thoughts go to the staff and membership of the youth group and individually

to each young boy and girl and their families -

peace and love

Friday, July 10, 2009

a change of the dream script...

it is nothing unusual really for me to have lucid dreams - but it is not so frequently that i have conducted an "interior" script change in my dreams - as a matter of fact, it has been quite some time and then, it really wasn't during the course of a dream - for example, i might have a particular dream that felt uncomfortable or unhappy or even frightening from which i would awaken - and then, upon returning to sleep, i would tell myself that i wanted to continue the same dream but with a change in the course of the dream's action - or whatever - and upon falling back to sleep, the dream would pick up where it had left off but with the new turn - one i had chosen - or - i frequently become the observer as well as the participant in my dreams - in any event, last night i was dreaming of a couple that i had recently met - a man and woman - we shared a number of things in common and enjoyed intellectual dialogues etc - the couple invited me to their home for dinner and i was really happy to go - the evening began really well - we visited and talked and had dinner - but from the beginning there had been just a hint of an element of which i was uncertain and so i stuck it away into the category of "it's just my imagination" - however, after dinner, it became obvious that my discomfort with my new friends was, indeed, founded in reality - the husband decided to make amorous advances toward me in the presence of his wife who seemed perfectly happy with it - i remember seeing her standing over to my right as he leaned toward me on the sofa - and as i am rebuffing him, she attempts to persuade me to continue and even attempts to join in - well, i was not at all interested physically in him - and certainly not in her - nor in the little triangle situation - so, in my dream, i think to myself, "you know, this is just a dream and according to the macgregors, you can make them do whatever you want, so why don't you just change the scene to something you like and are interested in? and if you don't like that, you can always change it again - so have him say this or do that and act accordingly - and then have her do this or that, etc - now, they are both still on the sofa with me in my dream and i'm interacting with them, but thinking to myself as i interact - and with just that thought, he does this or that and changes the way in which he is acting and so does she - and then we have an enjoyable visit and i leave - and then awaken -

oh, and yes, macgregors, you will forgive my bringing you about in my dreams, but in my dream, i was remembering something of yours that i had read - so you became, literally, my "dreamguides" so to speak -

Thursday, July 9, 2009

an upset by Upset.....

man o' war-
winner of 20
out of 21
thoroughbred horse
lost only once
and then to
a horse named

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

thoughts turning the baby...

i've mentioned several times in this blog the concept of "intention" - obtaining what you want or need by "intending" it - by knowing you can obtain or do whatever it is that you want - that we each create our own reality - another of my own "intention" experiences involves the birth of one of my children - during the delivery process, it was discovered that the baby was breech, then transverse - the doctors did everything possible to get the baby to turn but she was obstinate and would not budge - this meant that i would have to have a c-section - the doctors announced that i would be made ready for surgery and i announced to them that they should all leave my room and not return until i rang the nurses' station - and that i would get my baby to turn - reluctantly, they left, saying they would give me no more than 15 minutes - once i was alone, i closed my eyes, "talked" to my baby and asked her to please turn and visualized her turning herself - within a few minutes i knew that she had and then i rang the nurses' desk - of course, when i was checked, the baby was head down and ready to be born - the natural way -

lynne mctaggart [the intention experiment, pg 139] refers to this kind of result in pregnant women being obtained through "'hypnotic intention', discussing how, in altered states, corresponding to the hyperalert state of intense meditation, conscious thought can convince the physical body of many things"...

i just didn't happen to be hypnotized -

another historical moment...

the fourth of july will forever now hold such special meaning for me - and for my family - this fourth of july, after many years without contact, we were reunited with one of my [now-adult] grandchildren - the story of how the separation came about is unimportant - the important thing now is that "we" have been found each by the other - when i began to be able to sort out the significance of it being on such a holiday, i found:

*i have not seen my granddaughter since june 10, 1993 - those dates [6+10+1993=29=11] all added equal 11
*we contacted each other on july 4, 2009 - the month and day [7+4=11] added equal 11 - the year numbers [2+9=11]added equal 11
*my first electronic communication about finding each other was july 5, 2009 - the month and date [7+5=12] added equal 12 and the year [2+9=11] added equals 11
*the time of this first electronic communication was 12:11

*and the postscript is that june 10 is her birthday - she was 21, which, when reversed, becomes 12

timing is everything.....

Just after midnight
and just after noon
on July, 8th, it will be....

12:34:56 7/8/9

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

fear of light - fear of flight -

"We can easily

forgive a child
who is
afraid of the dark;

the real tragedy

is when

men are afraid
of the light." -

another intention related quote...

What you can do,
or think you can,
begin it.

- -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Monday, July 6, 2009

consciousness after death...

- in the light of the near-death experience,
death is nothing more than the illusion
of separateness and finality,

and those who can believe
in this vision of death,
like near-death
experiencers themselves,
lose all fear of it,
for how can you fear
that which
does not exist?
Dr. Ken Ring
i don't remember how we initially were put in touch with each other, but a number of years ago, i communicated with Ken Ring, PhD, who, at the time, was working on a book regarding near death out of body experiences - and i do remember our communications over that period of time as more than enlightening - in any event, i just came across a site of his for which i have placed a link in the right column of this blog - consciousness after death - great reading -

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the i of u -

a thing more clearly
in dreams
than the
leonardo da vinci

my dear deer signs and symbols...

a few years ago, in the midst of a fantastical cosmic personal relationship, for a number of reasons, i was questioning the logic/validity of my continuing in this relationship regardless of how very much i wanted, even needed on many levels, to stay - it was not a new question in this situation - the question was there from the beginning but i made a choice - a decision - to enter into the relationship because i wanted it more than anything else, even if only for a moment scratched from a day or a week - you know, there is a line from the movie "steel magnolias" where shelby says to her mother, "I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special." - well, like shelby, i chose my thirty minutes - in any event, as i had always known it would, the time came when i had to make a decision and i did - almost daily - the thing was, i always decided to stay - so in this state of ambivalence in which i struggled moment by moment, driving the long highway to work one cold morning, i began still another mental dialogue - stay or go - go or stay - and mentally phrased a request for a "sign" of what i must do - just something, anything, please! something to help me see my way more clearly - to give me the strength to take the way, the way only i could take - and with that thought, at the very instant, the very moment, literally, of that request, on this four-lane divided highway, in a commercially developed area, as i drove in the left lane, my eyes cast downward for a mini-second to glance at the speedometer and when i blinked upward again, there, directly in front of my eyes, at my eye level, was the face of a deer - a deer looking me straight in the eye - straight! her head/face were even with mine and her eyes turned directly into mine as she bound across my car and onto the median of grass - it was all so surreal that i was sure i had imagined it - it wasn't possible for the deer to be in mid-air in front of my car traveling in the left lane when there was another car neck-to-neck in the other lane - it simply was not physically possible - but when i looked in my side mirror i saw her bounding down the median - she was real -

just a few days later, again driving to work one crisp morning, still again, i was having this same mental dialogue, as if a deer appearing in my face was not enough, and was also recounting the dream i'd had the night before - a dream in which my friend had "died" and i saw him in his casket - and as i'm driving, with the mental image of his casket in my mind, still questioning, still asking for a sign, for assurance - i approached the same place on the road where the doe of a few days before had jumped my car and there, on the side of the road, was a dead deer - a doe -

now, it was autumn and in the rural area in which i live, there is wildlife - however, in eight years here, i had never before seen a deer on the highway, an extremely busy highway which spans the length of the state, nor have i seen one since -

the flower of life from yesteryear...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the seer...

how often do you...

dream the same dream
as someone else -
on the same night?