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we all are gypsies of a sort wandering traveling through this life other lives space and time here there and yon on roads less traveled - following the path of the sun and the trail of the stars to worlds known and unknown from yesterday and today into tomorrow -

this is a written and visual journal of my own travels - imagined and/or real -
imagined and/or real - a STREAMOFCONSCIOUSNESS telling of my own personal thoughts feelings experiences - interspersed with words and images of others - with things defined by most as PARAnormal which - for me - all my life - have been PERFECTLYnormal -

SO come along with me and we'll dance among the stars under the sun and over the moon - we'll share our stories around the campfire - together -


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the "dish" ran away with the spoon - or - the bus tried to run away from the ufo...

many many moons ago in the late 60's my children and i were traveling by bus enroute to monroe in northeast louisiana from little rock - the bus was full - we shared seats together, with my son, about five or six years old at the time, sitting next to the window - as we traveled south, our seats were on the right side of the bus - we were on a rural stretch of road between a little town called sterlington and our destination, monroe, [about 15 miles apart] when my son tried to get my attention, tugging on my arm for me to look out the window - i looked up, and there, in the sky over the fields beside us, was a huge object - an unidentified flying object [ufo] - i remember being so startled that i closed my eyes and then re-opened them to be sure i was really seeing what i knew i was seeing - and sure enough, the object was still there - the other passengers on that side of the bus were all looking at it and talking about it - i remember a lot of the passengers from across the aisle getting out of their seats and into the aisle to see it better - by then, there was general commotion with passengers wanting off the bus - passengers telling the driver to drive faster [which he did] - and all the while my children and i are watching it spellbound as it seemed to be moving very slowly parallel with us - it was not high in the sky, but very low - well, low enough for us to see it out the window without straining to look upward - i cannot say how far away it was but i can say that it was close enough that the texturized surface of the body was visible -

i remember trying to memorize all the details of the craft - its size, shape, color, how it moved - that it had no sound, none at all - that there were no engines visible - no wings - nothing at all characteristic of a plane - its size was at least that of a football field - it was oval/circular, with a domed top - if you think of a donut with a glass dome, then, that would be close to its shape but more oval than round - the glass seemed clear although i do not remember being able to see through it - there was a row of what appeared to be windows or lights encircling the bottom of the domed top - the body [donut] of the object was a matte grey - like a battleship color and very matte [non-shiny] and i remember there was what seemed to be a bit of "texture" or "mottling" to the matte finish - almost like cast iron cookware looks texture-wise [well, the old kind, anyway, like my grandmother used] -

in any event, the ufo continued beside us for quite a distance, although i cannot say how far - but for more than just a few minutes - and then, just as suddenly has it had appeared beside us, it made a 45 degree turn to its right and upward and was totally out of sight just instantly - i mean, it literally zoomed - zoomed! - and still no sound -

the bus is now traveling at a high rate of speed as the driver really was attempting to out run it and most passengers were anywhere from hysterical to more hysterical -

by the time we pulled into the monroe station, there were already news reporters there - i remember wanting only to get my children and leave - to get away from it all - by then, i somehow felt extremely fearful about the experience - as if "they" were "looking for me" - i don't mean that it was just a little feeling but an overwhelming one - as a matter of fact, i left the station without even getting our luggage - we took a taxi straight to my mother's house - and once there even, the feeling did not subside - by then, i wanted to just flee - literally - to somewhere that my children and i could not be found - to this day, i am unsure of my profound reaction - i had grown up having seen ufo's in our many travels - they were discussed by our parents - they were nothing new to me - and i had never responded with anything but total curiosity before - but this was the first "up close and personal" such experience - there was absolutely NO doubt what this object was, let alone what it was not - it was daytime - the day was clear - there was no mistaking it - so, perhaps it was these factors that precipitated my response - i do not know -

within a short time after our arrival, my mother's phone begin to ring - reporters and law enforcement - several days later, several men dressed all in black [i kid you NOT] came knocking on the door to interview me, identifying themselves as being with wright patterson afb - i told them what i saw - they had me draw a diagram of the object and i did - they took it with them - i remember at least one of the men giving me a business card when i asked for it - i also remember that some time later, when i phoned the number on the card, there was no such number - i called wright-patterson directly but no one had heard of the person for whom i asked - oh, and lest i forget, some of the news reports released identified this "object" that was seen by a bus full of people as nothing more than a "smoke cloud" emanating from an industrial site in sterlington -

not long after this incidence, my children and i moved back to monroe because my mother was ill - we moved into a little community just at the city limits - a rural area where i had hoped our lives would take on a simpler tone - but that was not to be -

more in another post down the line...

oh, the little kindergarten type sketch at the top is done from today's memory but is overall accurate -

ok - something weird[er] just as i edited this post just now, the house phone rang [we don't use the house phone ever] and the incoming call was from ohio - we don't know anyone in ohio - have no business there - the call was unidentified except for "ohio" - the only association i have with ohio is that is where wright patterson is located - weird - oh, and when i answered, there was no one there - weirder...


Butternut Squash said...

Fascinating. I am from Ohio. I didn't call you though. When I was young, there were several UFO sightings near our home in London, Ohio, less than an hour from Wright Patterson. I have never caught a glimpse of a UFO, but my brother-in-law has. I wonder what would have happened if they caught up with you? Perhaps it was an invitation.


so good to hear from you, lady! neat touch your mentioning you live in ohio! :)

yeah, weird on the phone thing!

anyway, you know, as kids, when we traveled across country, especially in the southwest areas, we saw cigar shaped objects in the skies at night - and i was never anything but curious and awe struck - but this was something else -

thanks so much for coming by -

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Gee, of course you now my next question. May we condense and use this? Great UFO story, well told, paranoid, asll the stuff you expect, including the MIBs!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Nothing like a bunch of typos. Let's see. Now should be know. Asll should be all...oh well. It's late. I'm tired.


well, lady, i guess it's true about great minds cause mine didn't miss a beat reading your note - typos or not! :)

please do feel free to condense and use as you like - as you know by now, brevity is not my forte' -

have a great day!

JamaGenie said...

How wonderful it'll be when people don't get hysterical when visitors from who-knows-where appear. No more cloak 'n' dagger hush-hush drama. Other worlds are inhabited - how arrogant to think we're the Only Ones in the universe.

I've never seen a UFO up close as you did, but I *know* I've been privileged to view a few from afar. I'm positive I witnessed what could only have been several UFOs "refueling" the mother ship? It was a clear summer evening with a smattering of cotton-ball clouds here and then...and one very odd, almost rectangular "cloud". I live between two major airports, plus a couple of military bases are nearby, so it's common to see night flights high in the sky. This one evening, tho, I watched several sets of lights that I thought were 747s or military transports go into that "cloud", but they didn't immediately come out the other side. During a period of 30 minutes, I counted six go in from different directions and disappear. They did come out eventually, but not where they should if they were earth-based planes. And then I couldn't stop laughing! How clever to disguise the Mother Ship as a huge cloud! (Need to tweak the shape and color tho...) Then I remembered seeing a similar "cloud" a few years before that in Indiana.

OK, that's my UFO story and if the phone rings right now, it better not be from Ohio. ;D


oh, hello there "jg" - you are so right about the hysterics thing - i'm with you - cannot understand HOW anyone in their RIGHT mind could believe that WE are the entire universe!

as i said in my post, i grew up seeing these ufo's in the skies - my family traveled a LOT - and a lot of that was in the southwest - anyway, it was really nothing out of the ordinary for us to see them - but this particular time, on the bus, it was just different! i'm sure because of the whole "up close and personal" thing - well, that and what happened afterward [i'll do another post about all that] - but anyway - you should also check out my august 29 post on area 51 -

and gee, i LOVE your story!!! i've been reading a lot of articles lately on that very thing - the "cloud cover" deal - your story is amazing!!! how long ago did it happen?

i think i've seen you over at synchronicity, haven't i? rob and trish macgregor's blog?

thanks so much for dropping by - i hope you'll come again and often!

have a wonderful day!

Maureen said...

Wow what a facinating story, it kept me on the edge of my seat and I tell you what ! if my phone rang right now I think I would fall off the seat !! what an amazing experience.

Changing the subject somewhat have you started growing any herbs or veggies in containers yet ?


oh, hello maureen - so glad to have you come by - thank you for the note on the post - and yes, it was truly an amazing experience - rob and trish macgregor over at their synchronicity blog posted a version of it the other day -

in an event, thanks also for remembering my gardening dilemma - and yes, as a matter of fact - tomatoes hang off the back steps rail - and three avocado seeds now inhabit a window seal waiting to become grown up trees - so - a start of sorts :)

my sister many years ago took one little avocado seed and rooted it - and it grew to be as tall as her ceilings - beautiful - so i am inspired!

thanks again for coming by and please do again soon - and often!