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we all are gypsies of a sort wandering traveling through this life other lives space and time here there and yon on roads less traveled - following the path of the sun and the trail of the stars to worlds known and unknown from yesterday and today into tomorrow -

this is a written and visual journal of my own travels - imagined and/or real -
imagined and/or real - a STREAMOFCONSCIOUSNESS telling of my own personal thoughts feelings experiences - interspersed with words and images of others - with things defined by most as PARAnormal which - for me - all my life - have been PERFECTLYnormal -

SO come along with me and we'll dance among the stars under the sun and over the moon - we'll share our stories around the campfire - together -


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Monday, October 25, 2010

just look up - before you decide -

are we really alone?  really?
having recently witnessed an unusual sighting [to say the least] myself [and not my first sighting, either], and having told of it on trish and rob macgregor's blog [], the following is offered just as an appetizer for the food for thought that abounds when the word UFO is even mentioned - these words come not from joe smith in little tuck, texas, but from world-renown professional and political figures - to be read and digested as you will:

"Of course UFOs are real, and they are interplanetary. The cumulative evidence for the existence of UFOs is quite overwhelming and I accept the fact of their existence."
---Air Chief Marshall Lord Hugh Dowding
Commanding Officer of the Royal Air Force during WWII.

"Let there be no doubt. Alien technology harvested from the infamous saucer crash in Roswell, N.Mex., in July 1947 led directly to the development of the integrated circuit chip, laser and fibre optic technologies, particle beams, electromagnetic propulsion systems, depleted uranium projectiles, stealth capabilities, and many others.
How do I know? I was in charge!   I think the kids on this planet are wise to the truth, and I think we ought to give it to them. I think they deserve it."
---Colonel Philip Corso
Army Intelligence officer, former Head of Foreign Technology at the U.S. Army's Research and Development Department at the Pentagon. Four years Director of Intelligence on President Eisenhower's White House National Security Staff

"I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on earth."
---President Harry S. Truman, 1950.

"I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets... Most astronauts were reluctant to discuss UFOs." "I did have occasion in 1951 to have two days of observation of many flights of them, of different sizes, flying in fighter formation, generally from east to west over Europe."
---Major Gordon Cooper (NASA astronaut) to the United Nations:

"I'm convinced that [flying] saucers have an out-of-world basis."
---Dr. Walter Reidel, noted German rocket expert. LIFE 4-7-1952.

"Flying Saucers come from distant worlds."
---Dr. Herman Oberth, American Weekly magazine, October 24, 1954.

"Of course the flying saucers are real, and they are interplanetary."
---Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding (head of Royal Air Force during World War II) quoted by Rueters, August, 1954.

"The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets."
---General Douglas MacArthur- Oct. 8, 1955 (From "Above Top Secret" by Timothy Good)

"Unidentified Flying Objects are entering our atmosphere at very high speeds and obviously under intelligent control. We must solve this riddle without delay."
---Rear Admiral Delmar Fahrney, USNR, letter to NICAP, 1956.

"The Air Force maintains a continuous surveillance of the atmosphere near Earth for Unidentified Flying Objects."
---Secretary of Air Force to Base Commanders, August 15, 1960.

"If the intelligence of these creatures were sufficiently superior to ours, they might choose to have little, if any, contact with us."
---Brookings Institution report on extraterrestrial life. Quoted in New York Times, December 15, 1960.
"At no time, when the astronauts were in space were they alone: there was a constant surveillance by UFOs."
---NASA Astronaut Scott Carpenter
Carpenter photographed a UFO while in orbit on May 24, 1962. NASA still has not released the photograph.

"The case of UFO interference with our naval transport, the Punta Mendota, was but one of fifteen such cases which the Argentine Navy has reported since 1963."
---Lt. Commander O.R. Pagini, special assistant to Sec. of Argentine Navy, letter to NICAP, September, 1965.

"There is scientific evidence that strange objects are circling our planet. It is lamentable that governments have drawn a veil of secrecy around this matter."
---Professor Gabriel Alvial, Cerro Calan Observatory, quoted by Reuters on August 26, 1965.

"Something unknown to our understanding is visiting this Earth."
---Dr. Mitrovan Zverev (USSR), quoted by Reuters, August 26, 1965.

"I've been convinced for a long time that the flying saucers are interplanetary. We are being watched by beings from outer space."
---Albert M. Chop, deputy public relations director, NASA, True Magazine , Jan. 1965.

"I feel that the Air Force has not been giving out all the available information on these Unidentified Flying Objects. You cannot disregard so many unimpeachable sources."
---Honorable John McCormack, Speaker of the House, January, 1965, True Magazine.

"We are not alone in the universe!"
---Prof. Claudio Anguila, director of Cerro Calan Observatory, quoted by Reuters, August 26, 1965.

"Mission control, we have a UFO pacing our position, request instructions."
---Astronaut Cady Coleman
NASA Transmission - Shuttle Mission STS-73

"All Apollo and Gemini flights were followed, both at a distance and sometimes also quite closely, by space vehicles of extraterrestrial origin - flying saucers, or UFOs, if you want to call them by that name.  Every time it occurred, the astronauts informed Mission Control, who then ordered absolute silence."
---Maurice Chatelain
Former Chief of NASA Communications Systems

"I looked out the window and saw this white light. It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and said, "Have you ever seen anything like that?" He was shocked and he said, "Nope." And I said to him: "Let's follow it!"  We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright white light. We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When I got off the plane I told Nancy all about it."
---Former US President Ronald Reagan
Describing his 1974 UFO encounter to veteran newsman Norman C. Miller, Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal.

"If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and scientists. I am convinced that UFOs exist because I have seen one."
---President Jimmy Carter during his Presidential campaign.

"In the firm belief that the American public deserves a better explanation than that thus far given by the Air Force, I strongly recommend that there be a committee investigation of the UFO phenomena. I think we owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs, and to produce the greatest possible enlightenment of the subject."
---President Gerald Ford (during his years as a US Congressman).

"It is true that I was denied access to a facility at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, because I never got in. I can't tell you what was inside. We both know about the rumors (concerning a captured UFO and crew members). I have never seen what I would call a UFO, but I have intelligent friends who have."
---US Senator, US Air Force General, and candidate for President, Barry Goldwater, quoted from a letter he wrote dated April 11, 1979.

"With our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. I occasionally think how quickly our differences, worldwide, would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."
---Former President Ronald Reagan, while sharing the stage with former Russian leader,
Mikhail Gorbachev, 1988.

"The Air Force has arrived at the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been produced in Belgian airspace.  The numerous testimonies of ground observations reinforced by the reports of the night March 30-31 (1990) have led us to face the hypothesis that a certain number of unauthorised aerial activities have taken place.  The day will undoubtedly come when the phenomenon will be observed with the technological means of detection and collection that won't leave a single doubt about its origin.  This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time; a mystery that continues to be present.  But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion."
---Colonel Wilfred De Brouwer
Chief of Operations for the Belgian Air Force in 1990 following a spate of sightings over the country witnessed by hundreds of people. Many of the sightings were confirmed on radar.

"I concentrate on the science. I'm interested in the UFOs seen by the police and military witnesses. I'm interested in the near misses that pilots report, where their aircraft nearly collide with these things. I'm interested in the visual sightings backed up by radar. I'm interested in the military bases that are overflown by these things. I'm interested in the cases where you have radiation readings on the ground.  These are no lights in the sky. These are not mis-identifications of fantasy prone individuals. This is a cutting-edge technology being reported by reliable, trained observers, and it is something that goes beyond what we can do.  That to me suggests that if it is not ours, it belongs to someone else. If that technology is better than ours, then the extraterrestrial hypothesis seems to me the best explanation."
---Nick Pope
Head of the "UFO desk" at Air Secretariat 2-A, British Ministry of Defense from 1991-1994.

"Of course it is possible that UFO's really do contain aliens as many people believe, and the government is hushing it up. I wouldn't like to comment on that."
---Comment by Stephen Hawking (world renowned astrophysicist) on C Span Television. Stephen Hawking was the guest lecturer at the second Millennium Evening at the White House on March 6, 1998.                   

U.S. Vice-President Cheney was taken aback by the very first question posed to him" by a caller to Diane Rehm's national radio show. The caller asked Cheney whether the administration "has developed a policy on 'UFOs' and the little creatures flying them? Raising an eyebrow, Cheney no doubt made the caller's day by replying that if he did attend such a meeting on UFOs, it most certainly would be 'classified,' and therefore he'd be unable to discuss it.
---Snips from Washington Times, 4-13-01.

these quotes have been gathered from various internet sources - their accuracy has not been checked by me - however, they are found in many different credible sites on the net - take them as you will -


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

YaY!Love it. Have cj's experience coming up on the 27th. Nice detailed here, Gypsy!


oh, great, trish! can't wait to read cj's - so many seeing the same thing - all a mass hysterical dream, no doubt!!! ;)

Cole said...

Did you ever wonder if they are us? I know you said on the MacGregor's blog that you don't buy into the time travel theory or something to that effect. But what if, what if say thousands upon thousands of years ahead of us we having evolved are simply coming back and watching over us, helping us, studying us to ensure we make it. One big loop in time. Too out there?

Nancy said...

And we still have people who think those of us who believe there is something going on are crazy. I'm thinking you have to be really in denial to think there isn't SOMETHING happening. Especially with the increase in sightings.


hey cole! oh, listen, about the time travel thing, i think you may have misunderstood me - i absolutely totally do subscribe to that theory! totally! now, i'm trying to remember what in the world i said that might allow anyone to think that i do not believe in time travel!!! ;) i'll run over to the macgregors and check it out, but - absolutely, YES, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE THEORY OF TIME TRAVEL! ;)
oh, and yes, i think about them being us all the time - makes a lot of sense to me - and i'm counting on them lovin' us as much as we do!!! ;) but seems my words always have an edge to them - and the words come from deep down under -


you are so right, nancy, about the denial thing - just makes you have to wonder about those who DO NOT believe! i mean, do they REALLY believe that weather balloons and meteors go into FORMATION??? and that all these major scientific figures are suffering, along with "us", some sort of mass dream, from which we've not yet awakened! and just because they've not witnessed anything, nor experienced anything, no one else has either! such delusional thinking!!! scary, even, to think of! but, there you have it! :)

Cole said...

Opps, sorry Gypsy. I was sure you would be open to the idea of time travel. Went back and re-read the comment and of course I read it too fast the first time. Misunderstood you to say the opposite of what you did say. I should have known better. :)

Marguerite said...

Quite an impressive list of quotes! Well done and very interesting!


oh, i do the same thing, cole! and isn't it funny to go back and see what it really said? ;) don't give it a 2nd thought, girl! happens to me all the time! i just get in too much of a rush! always thankful for your visits, no matter!!! ;)


hey marguerite! so great to have you over in my neck of the woods here in bayouland!!! thanks so much for coming by and leaving a note - i'll be over to your place for some good 'ole cajun food and fun asap!!!

maggie's garden said...

In a recent post I shared the book by Atala Toy, We Are Not Alone, but failed to mention that she has actual communication with ET's,and teaches us how to communicate as well. These are incredible witnesses. Something is definitely going on.

Marlene said...

I love how you compiled all that informaton! some I had not read before! Well when I Have dreams of
"them" or "things" coming from above I definatey feel panic and fear..those are the feelings I have when I awaken... never feel calm or I am not ready yet to say when it happens, it will be a friendly event for us all.


oh, hello lady in the garden - another book that's been on my hit list - now i especially can't wait to read it! thanks for reminding me! - again! ;)


i know what you mean marlene - it goes both ways for me, too - sometimes fear sometimes not - but i remain optimistic and hope for kind and caring!! ;)