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imagined and/or real - a STREAMOFCONSCIOUSNESS telling of my own personal thoughts feelings experiences - interspersed with words and images of others - with things defined by most as PARAnormal which - for me - all my life - have been PERFECTLYnormal -

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


oh, the black rains came
and the ocean’s in flames
the blood poured down
from those that drowned

red clay turned ebony dark
blue green crystals lost their mark

rainbow colors run and hide      
tryin’ to get away from the genocide

mother’s gut grows and grows
soon be birthin’ big black crows

moanin’ and groanin’ lettin’ out a howl
her water breaks and comes out foul

but nothin’ will hold her spreadin’ girth
bigger and bigger ‘bout to give birth

big ole cracks in her birthin’ bed
but ain’t nothin’ to us nobody’s said

she didn’t want it to go this way
but mother had nowhere else to stay

and so it is the demon child is born
with money and lies it’s adorned

then the doors of hell gonna open wide
and blast and spew its noxious insides

and waves of greed will hit the land
leavin’ nothin’ there not even the sand

just wonderin’ now who’s to blame
ever’body’s tryin’ to save their name

nothin’ on earth ever the same
playin and losin’ that little oil game
black tears pour from the gods on high  
time for accountin’ drawin’ nigh

yeah, the earth eats itself inside out
we all know what that’s about

now, BP, don’t look at me all tongue-tied
you can run but where you gonna hide?

you - and all the others like you
you haven't a clue 

where ARE you gonna hide?


maggie's garden said...

Wow...never have i seen truer words said. You sure can write, and the image suits it perfectly.
We are watching the Blagojevich court sessions here in about exposed...wonder where he's gonna hide?
Have a good day Gypsy. Thanks for your thought provoking poem.

Susan Deborah said...

Just read about this news. Tragic. How many creatures that we are connected with will suffer. A timely piece, this one.


Joy always,

steveroni said...

Many are and many more will suffer over this accident and political mishandling of early containment. We may not know for many years just who did--and who did not--do what.

But what matters is how we all will pull together to live with and in this disaster, the "concern of this moment in eternity".

For now, our obsessions with earth-warming, or another ice age has seemed to evaporate. However, are these all not connected?

Other forms, other sources of power, would take lots of pressure
away from extracting oil from wherever.

And I admit to knowing nothing, so do not hang on what I'm writing
--just another bozo-on-the-bus!

steveroni said...

ME=one-track mind! I wrote all that above and did not even let you know what I came to say--you write so well, and your poetry is of my true liking....Thank you!

Gabriela Abalo said...

thought provoking poem!

So sad what happened, I hope we can learn from it and take better care of our mother.


Cole said...

So powerful, perfectly chosen words and the imagery is right on perfect too. Chicago's Poetry Society had a calling to all poets who would like to submit their work to be a part of an environmental awareness piece as a result of this tragedy in the Gulf. Anyone interested in sending a poem that had to do with the ocean was welcomed to do so. They were also posting the selected poems on line on Facebook. Yours would be perfect. Just a thought.

P.S. In regards to my post on Mystic, I knew when I saw you that I had seen you before, maybe now I know where.

Marguerite said...

My dear lady, what a very thought provoking poem! I think that you should definitely enter it in the Chicago Poetry Society piece! I'm waiting for them to find out that it may be a submarine volcano. There are many of these in the world and their ruptures are what is raising the sea temperatures, thus global warming. Mind boggling!

linda said...

this is particularly gruesome and very pertinent to this terrible nightmare that is becoming one we can't wake up from now...have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? that's what this feels like, a nightmare we can't wake from....i see no way to get us out of this one and BP? like they're going to do anything, they seem more intent on hiding than revealing...wondering why... hmmm...

btw, this is perfect for these feelings so thanks for sharing it...wish i could see it on a billboard somewhere...


hey there, maggie in the garden [love that tag name, by the way] - thank you so much for such kind words - i am humbled by them - and listen, about the bad boy B, don't even know about him!!! he's got some major 'splainin' to do, for sure! a cocky little thing, too, isn't he!!! and i'm guessin' he'll just go back under that rock he came from to hide! ;)

glad you liked the post - wonderful to see you here - please come again soon!


hey susan - you've just now read about the offshore oil rig? it's in my home state of louisiana - the rig is offshore there in the gulf of mexico - massive massive oil spill into the waters reaching florida already - thanks so much for coming by susan - can't tell you how much i appreciate your visits, dear friend!

hope all is well with you and yours - have you recovered yet from your travels???


oh, hello there S - thanks so much for visiting - i've seen you around a couple of blogs from time to time - nevine's i think and dulce? - great to see you over this way - anyway, yes, you are so right - everything is connected - totally - the whole thing of the circle - which can be very comforting, as well as disturbing, given circumstances such as these -

oh, lest i forget - in the event you've not already, you might like visiting my blog at words unspoken -

thanks again for coming by - and have a great day -


so true, if we don't take care of our mother, gabi, who will? she gives us life - and when we damage her, we damage our own survival - what else might it take to awaken others - for them to see the light? - thanks so much for your visit and your words, gabi - have a great day!


oh, hello there cole! thanks so much for the words of support! they mean so much! see you over at mystic!!!


so true, marguerite! totally mind boggling! i'll have to check into that submarine volcano thing - ya'll take care down there and remember, there's a highway that comes all the way east wherever you want/need! ;)


dear dear lovelylinda! you are so right! i know what you mean - keep thinking we'll wake up and everything will be as it should be -

thanks so much for coming over this way, girl! hope your days are holding you gently!!!